Pomnyun Sunim
Kungto Society - KR

How should a practitioner look at someone who is being greedy?

’s provide insight into how a practitioner should approach someone exhibiting .

He suggests that a practitioner should approach this situation with self-awareness and .

Rather than immediately labeling the person as greedy, encourages practitioners to introspect and consider the possibility that the individual may be expressing their greed in a way that conceals it.

Sunim encourages the acknowledgement of personal self-centered thinking and refraining from criticizing others for similar tendencies.

When it comes to emotions like , he advises introspection to identify the causes and address them individually.

However, Sunim advises against applying these principles to others, such as unsolicited advice or criticism, as it can be detrimental.

His teachings highlight the need to focus on personal growth and self-awareness instead of trying to change or others.

Sunim also acknowledges that misapplying these teachings to societal issues can distort their original intent, and he underscores the importance of maintaining a self-centered perspective and not projecting it onto others.


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