Khamtrul Rinpoche delivering his address at the inauguration of Khamgar Druk Dharmakara College in Tashi Jong, HP, India
The 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet

Inauguration of Khamgar Druk Dharmakara College

In his report, given in , Khamtrul Rinpoché detailed how the first Khamapagar was established by the initial Khamtrul Rinpoché, with outposts in Dergé and other parts of Kham.

The Fifth gave him his blessing, and later Dalai , including the Seventh, sent letters to the Khamtrul Rinpochés in recognition of their efforts to preserve the .

The also urged the Khamtrul Rinpoché of his to keep up his service to the Dharma and all living beings.

The Fourth Khamtrul Rinpoché, Tenzin Chökyi Nyima, established an educational facility in Chamdo called Chilling Gön and invited a teacher from to teach there.

The Eighth Khamtrul Rinpoché Dongyud Nyima then brought in scholars from and Kathog Monasteries to further instruct the at the center.

At Khampagar, a Rinchen and other Khenpos from were invited to teach due to the increasing number of students. This led to the building of larger facilities and the founding of Khamgar Druk Dharmakara College.

Khamtrul Rinpoché declared that the Institute follows the Tradition and has students from all over the region.


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