Intersections between Western philosophy and Buddhist teachings
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Intersections between Western philosophy and Buddhist teachings

In this talk explores the connections between British philosopher Derek Parfit and .

Doug discusses Parfit’s views on personal identity and ethics, drawing parallels with .

Parfit’s upbringing in and education at prestigious institutions shaped his groundbreaking , challenging conventional notions of the self.

Doug examines Parfit’s reductionist on personal identity, arguing against a permanent and unitary self.

He highlights Parfit’s belief that individuals are a continuous stream of causally connected events, a perspective resonating with .

Throughout the discussion, Doug navigates the similarities and differences between Parfit’s philosophy and , particularly regarding and ethical foundations.

He suggests that while Parfit and the shared a focus on reducing , their approaches diverged on certain aspects.

Doug also reflects on the potential influence of Buddhist thought on Parfit’s work and proposes alternative practices, such as and understanding non-self, for overcoming suffering.


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