Khyentse Norbu's thoughts on the Nyingtik teachings
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Khyentse Norbu’s thoughts on the Nyingtik teachings

has issued a cautionary reminder ahead of forthcoming related to the Nyingtik tradition, scheduled to commence from May 9th.

In his statement, emphasizes the profound nature of the path and urges attendees to exercise caution, highlighting that these teachings are not suitable for beginners or the merely curious.

With a stern tone, Khyentse stresses the incompatibility of the Vajrayana teachings with conventional worldly views, emphasizing the need for precautions and a deep understanding of the tradition.

He underscores that the setting lacks emotional, physical, and psychological support, warning participants to expect unexpected arrangements and interactions with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Furthermore, Khyentse warns against blindly following those who claim or special , urging attendees to use their common sense and exercise personal responsibility.

He clarifies that the teachings are not therapeutic workshops and offers no guarantees of safety.

In , Khyentse’s message serves as a sobering reminder of the challenges and responsibilities inherent in engaging with advanced Vajrayana teachings, urging prospective participants to proceed with and discernment.


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