Kodo Sawaki the monk who revitalized Japanese Buddhism
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Kodo Sawaki the monk who revitalized Japanese Buddhism

By the 20th century, had regrettably lapsed into a state of stagnation, characterized by repetitive, lifeless devoid of the of true .

were predominantly preoccupied with fundraising through funeral rather than imparting or engaging in .

This state of affairs persisted for centuries, save for a few notable exceptions. One such exception was , a 20th-century luminary who revitalized Japanese by reintroducing meditation and authentic .

Kōdō Sawaki vehemently criticized the hollow form of Buddhism prevalent at the , asserting that a divorced from life’s fundamental essence was meaningless.

He reminded the Japanese people of Buddhism’s potential to guide them back to a genuine way of living.

Kōdō Sawaki’s journey was marked by adversity, having endured a tumultuous upbringing under the care of unconventional guardians.

Despite these challenges, his encounter with Zen at a young age set him on a path of spiritual and eventual , inspiring countless followers to rediscover the transformative power of Buddhist practice in their lives.


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