Women in traditional dress
The 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet

Lamdon Model Senior Secondary School Golden Jubilee Celebration

This His Holiness the was invited to the Lamdon Model Senior Secondary School in Shewatsel, Leh, Ladakh, to inaugurate the Golden Jubilee celebrations and the Great Summer Debate.

He had to drive through the city of Leh to reach the school, where , Ladakhis, and some foreign tourists were waiting with scarves and flowers in their hands, beaming with delight.

A large crowd of 15,000 people gathered to welcome His Holiness as he was escorted to the stage, which was covered by a canopy. He began the ceremony by paying respects to a statue of the and lighting a to mark the occasion.

Following this, he unveiled a plaque to commemorate the inauguration of the Open Stadium and released several books and the Golden Jubilee program.

As he made his way towards the front of the stage, he greeted some of his old acquaintances before waving to the crowd.


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