Our capacity to create meaningful experiences
Sravasti Abbey - US

Our capacity to create meaningful experiences

In this talk, Venerable presents the exploration of identity, causality, and the transience of self.

Thubten Losang illustrates how our past actions reverberate through our present and shape our future.

Through reflections, particularly on overcoming past struggles like alcohol consumption, he highlights the crucial importance of recognizing and understanding the causes and conditions that mold our lives.

Thubten Losang further delves into the ephemeral and impersonal nature of the self, urging viewers to confront and afflictions such as by embracing .

By encouraging a shift in perspective towards acknowledging the impermanence of and emotions, he advocates for cultivating positive states of and resilience.

Central to his message is the idea that every thought and action carries weight, influencing the trajectory of our lives.

Through and intentional choices, Thubten Losang emphasizes our capacity to shape our own destinies and create meaningful experiences.


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