Reading the Natural Mind with Ajahn Chah
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Reading the Natural Mind with Ajahn Chah

In the midst of the tranquil ambiance of the Rains Retreat, 1978, a gathering of newly ordained congregated for an informal discourse after the evening .

, with years of practice under his belt, imparted garnered through his own journey of self-discovery and .

With serene , he elucidated the of practice – a gradual process of unraveling the intricacies of and understanding.

Drawing parallels between the struggles of worldly desires and the path to , he emphasized the importance of discerning between misguided cravings and the yearning rooted in wisdom.

Echoing the ’s , he illuminated the pitfalls of and the futility of seeking fulfillment in external pursuits.

Through introspection and , he urged practitioners to delve deep into the recesses of their own , where the true nature of reality resides.


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