Record-Breaking Vesak Celebration in Indonesia
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Record-Breaking Vesak Celebration in Indonesia

The of Indonesia (YBAI) celebrated in Surabaya City with a record-breaking three-dimensional “Moving Rupang Diorama.”

The Indonesian World Record (MURI) officially acknowledged the sculpture as the “Tallest Indoor Moving Buddha Rupang [Sculpture].”

Anthony Orodiputro, the chief organizer of Vesak Festival 2024, announced that the diorama stands at a total height of 6.05 meters, with the Buddha image itself measuring 3.65 meters and the base adding 2.4 meters.

YBAI is Indonesia’s leading youth organization, dedicated to promoting the Buddha’s message of , growth, and liberation.

The association supports the establishment of Buddhist organizations, the of the , and leadership training among young people.

Balinese Dwi Aga Yogiswara crafted the moving Buddha statue, which depicts the Buddha and several caring for Venerable Tissa, the Buddha’s paternal cousin.

The diorama features articulated parts powered by a linear hydraulic electrical system, aligning with this year’s festival theme, “Mindful Leadership for a Better Society.”

In addition to the moving sculpture, the festival included a screening of “Hakiki, Life as A ,” a movie by Venerable Jayamedho that showcases Buddhist values.

Orodiputro expressed hope that the festival would promote unity among Indonesians and foster leadership for a better society.

He emphasized the importance of presenting innovative each year to make the Vesak celebrations more engaging.


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