The Buddhist view of anger and how to work with it
Venerable Thubten Chodron

The Buddhist view of anger and how to work with it

’s in “Working with ” offer a comprehensive guide to transforming anger and fostering genuine .

Advocating for , , and a genuine pursuit of happiness, she provides practical insights for building a harmonious environment in personal and communal spheres.

Chodron explores the nature of anger, emphasizing its destructiveness and likening it to a consuming wildfire. She introduces , focusing on the four immeasurables: , compassion, , and equanimity, with an emphasis on cultivating love as the first step in overcoming anger.

The discussion extends to the causes of both ordinary and Dharma happiness, highlighting the transient nature of worldly happiness compared to the enduring contentment from Dharma happiness.

Deeper into the practical aspects, Chodron stresses understanding one’s own and addressing personal pain before helping others. Mindfulness in communication is emphasized, urging expressions of gratitude, politeness, and actions that avoid conflicts.

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