Three Wheels Temple in London
Three Wheels Shin Buddhist Centre

Thoughts on Non-attachment at the 163rd London Eza

Right after the 31st Shokai Retreat was finished, the attendees worked together with the people of Three Wheels to get the ready for the 163rd London Eza.

The -room was quickly filled with chairs and we all gathered to in reverence to the Buddha.

Rev. gave a lecture to us called Reflections on Non-, in which he discussed in depth the ideas of some “ individuals” who had achieved the spiritual ideal of non-attachment, and provided us with his own insights into the significance of this profound concept, which is fundamental to all of .

Rev. Sato was reminded of the advice of his late friend, Prof. John White, who held that Buddhism teaches us to strive for three ideals: non-attachment, engagement, and action for the sake of action, in order to live our lives to the fullest.


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