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Verses for the Eight Auspicious Noble Ones by Je Mipham

The Tashi Gyepa, or Verses for the Eight Auspicious Noble Ones, is a popular by Je Mipham that is recited daily by practitioners of many different faiths.

It is based on the Mangalashtaka , also known as the Eight Auspicious Noble Ones Sutra. The verses honor the Three Jewels, eight , eight great , eight , and eight worldly guardians.

Additionally, it details the hand implements or held by each of the eight , goddesses, and guardians.

The text celebrates the power of these figures, and Je Mipham’s words suggest that if it is recited regularly or before beginning a new task, it will bring unimaginable advantages. It can remove obstructions, generate positive conditions, and make it possible to achieve all goals.


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