Thubten Chodron
Venerable Thubten Chodron

The significance of motivation in authentic Dharma practice

In the video, underscores the significance of in authentic practice, emphasizing that it must transcend self-centered concerns to advance towards .

She introduces the concept of the Eight Worldly Concerns as a critical first step in making our Dharma practice genuine rather than superficial.

These Eight Worldly Concerns are framed as four pairs that reveal how our self-centered manifests:

  1. at receiving material things and dismay at not receiving or losing them
  2. to praise and approval, coupled with aversion to blame and disapproval
  3. in having a good reputation and unhappiness about a bad one
  4. Delight in pleasant sensory experiences and aversion to unpleasant ones

Thubten Chodron explains that acting on these concerns has three detrimental effects:

  1. They make us miserable in this life by tethering us to fleeting pleasures and
  2. They result in the creation of negative , potentially leading to unfavorable rebirths
  3. They serve as obstacles blocking our path to Buddhahood, hindering our spiritual progress

The main point of contemplating these Eight Worldly Concerns is not to or compare ourselves to others but to introspect and evaluate our own motivations, behaviors, and attachments.

By doing so, we can begin to transcend these concerns, leading to inner transformation and genuine .


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