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The Propagation of the Dharma in Print and Social Media

The of Indonesia (YBAI) and the Young Association of Malaysia (YBAM) held a virtual gathering on 26 August to discuss how to spread the of through both and digital media.

During the meeting, YBAI members and (novice ) discussed strategies for dealing with negative online interactions and how to respond to worries about self-harm.

Four Buddhist professionals from Malaysia and Indonesia were in attendance, exchanging stories about how they spread through their respective .

Benny Liow, editor of Eastern Horizon, gave his perspective on the publication from YBAM, a non-profit and non-sectarian organization that puts an emphasis on practice in daily life.

Despite the fact that Eastern Horizon faces difficulties such as a lack of interest in reading and difficulty in creating content that appeals to different age groups, Liow remains optimistic.


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