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About Dagpo Kagyu

Dagpo : དྭགས་པོ་བཀའ་བརྒྱུད, Wylie: dwags po bka’ brgyud
encompasses the branches of the that trace their lineage back through (1079-1153), who was also known as Dagpo Lhaje “the Physician from Dagpo” and Nyamed Dakpo “Incomparable Precious One from Dagpo”. All the institutional branches of the Kagyu tradition of surviving today, including the , the and the , are branches of the Dagpo Kagyu.

Explaining Lama Teacher Pagmodrupa Dorje Gyalpo

Pagmodrupa Dorje Gyalpo was born in 1110. Pagmadrupa Dorje Gyalpo was one of the three principal students of . Padmadrupa Dorje Gyalpo was the founder of the Pagdru School. The life of Pagmodrupa Dorje Gyalpo In this portion, we are going to learn about the life of Pagmodrupa Dorje Gyalpo. After that, we will learn the short etymological description of the word Pagmodrupa Dorje Gyalpo. Etymology of Pagmodrupa Dorje Gyalpo Pagmodrupa Dorje Gyalpo .

Explaining Lama Teacher Gampopa

was a teacher in the lineage, as well as a doctor and who founded the school. Lord Gampopa teaches his student Dusum Khyenpa, the 1st . Lord Gampopa is with a portion of the Thousand of this Aeon above and the lineages of and at the bottom. The life of Gampopa In this portion, we are going to learn about the life .