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About Gunakamadeva

Gunakamadeva was a Lichhavi ruler who founded city of in 723 AD. He is also credited to have started and Jatra. He was known for his abilities which was demonstrated by him entering Shantipur in . During his rule, he renovated , Raktakali temple, Kankeshwari temple and Panchalinga Bhairav temple. He was succeeded by Udayadeva.

Kathmandu, The Land of Bhairava

In popular lore, the of and death, was considered to be the , jury, and executioner in times. Anyone accused of the crime was made to stand before Kaal Bhairava for judgment. Bhairava in the Jatra festival Under sunny skies, huge crowds packed the in to witness the Indra Jatra festival. Among the many dazzling attractions, is a practice of the chariot procession of .