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The swastika is meaning auspicious in the language. When turning to the left it is the principal symbol of the and . For the Bon, a right turning swastika has no meaning. Several Bon historical figures and deities hold a single swastika or a double swastika scepter. For the , it is a decorative element occasionally having a more specific meaning within a localized context.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga – Origin, Benefits and Asanas

is the tradition most familiar to Western . The term is derived from the ha, meaning “,” and tha, meaning “moon.” The practice aims to unite the active and receptive qualities represented by each celestial being. Hatha is a branch of yoga. In , hatha yoga is associated with popular tradition with the of the Natha through its founder Matsyendranath. Almost all Hatha yogic texts belong .

About 8 Auspicious Symbols in Buddhism – Ashtamangala

The eight are called as in and bkra-shis rtags-brgyad in . These are the most well-known group of and are traditionally listed in the order of: A A A A A right-spiraling white An or ‘’ A A 8 Auspicious of Early Originally the eight auspicious .