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Tapihritsa or Tapahritsa was a Bon practitioner who achieved the Dzogchen mastery of the rainbow body and consequently, as a fully realised trikaya Buddha, is invoked as an iṣṭadevatā by Dzogchen practitioners in both Bon and Tibetan Buddhism. He famously achieved the rainbow body achievement.

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Dzogchen practices – Awakening rigpa

Dzogchen ("Great Perfection" or "Great Completion"), also known as atiyoga (utmost yoga), is a tradition of teachings in Tibetan Buddhism aimed at discovering and continuing in the ultimate ground of existence. The primordial ground is said to have the qualities of purity (i.e. emptiness), spontaneity (lhun grub, associated with luminous clarity) and compassion (thugs rje). The goal of Dzogchen is knowledge of this basis, this knowledge is called rigpa (Skt. vidyā). There are numerous spiritual .
Tapihrista Bon Yogi Thangka

Tapihrista Bon Yogi Thangka

was an ordinary man born in a nomadic family in the country of and his main teacher was . Tapihritsa practiced for nine years in a holy place outside and achieved a high state of known as “the ”. Tapihritsa is the axial of the tradition called Experiential Lineage Zhang-Zhung since his figure summarizes all and teachers of this lineage. He is the twenty-fifth master .