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is the embodiment of the great of the highest .

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All about Manjushri Bodhisattva – Meaning, Iconography and Belief

manjushri Thangka
is the  of . The sword in the hand of Manjushri is called the Prajna khadga or the Sword of Wisdom, which is believed to destroy the darkness of by the luminous rays issuing out of it. Meaning of Manjushri The word Manju means “charming, beautiful, pleasing” and Shri means “glory, brilliance”. is regarded as the crown prince of , or the one who can best explain the wisdom, .

Manjushree, the God and the temples

– “ of Divine ”  whose confers mastery of the , retentive memory, mental perfection, and eloquence. He is one of the of Bodhistawas and symbolizes the wisdom. Manjushree is considered as the founder of Nepalese civilization and the creator of Valley. According to the tradition, he was a Chinese Saint. His intuition told him of the blue flame (symbolizing Adibuddha or Swayamnhu) on a in the big lake of . His .