4 art ehosted by the Dharma Realm Buddhist University
Dharma Realm Buddhist University

Art Exhibitions hosted by the Dharma Realm Buddhist University

The (DRBU) Initiative has curated a series of exhibitions showcasing diverse from both renowned historical figures and contemporary , available for viewing until the end of May.

One of the highlights is “16 ,” featuring intricately crafted scrolls by , a celebrated from the Tang Dynasty.

These scrolls, part of the DRBU’s permanent collection, offer a glimpse into artistry and and are open for public viewing on weekdays and by appointment.

Another exhibition, “Uniting Borders,” showcases the talents of international artists associated with the Academy of Special Dreams, a foundation dedicated to promoting the creative expression of individuals with disabilities.

This collection aims to increase public awareness and appreciation of their artistic abilities and is open to the public on weekdays and by appointment.

The “DRBU Community Art Show” brings together 118 artworks from various members of the DRBU community, including students from the IGDV schools.

This diverse exhibition celebrates the creativity and diversity of the community, featuring artists of all ages.

Similarly, “42 Hands and Eyes” presents the vibrant mosaics of Carolyn Hanson, adding to the artistic ambiance of the Center Hall, albeit available for viewing by appointment only.


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