Robina Courtin on navigating death with courage
Thubten Norbu Ling - Santa Fe

Robina Courtin on confronting death without fear

Venerable ’s discussion on “Confronting Death Without ” explores the deep of , providing guidance on how to approach death with through leading a virtuous life.

At the core of her speech is the acknowledgment of and the certainty of death, encouraging her audience to appreciate the value of life and avoid wasting it in fear or .

Robina explains the view on death, highlighting the belief in the ongoing existence of after the dies, as outlined in ’s important book.

She underscores the pivotal role of , asserting that our past actions shape our future experiences, including the transition between lives.

Moreover, Robina elucidates the process of death and its stages, elucidating the importance of maintaining a to facilitate a positive transition.

She advocates for creating a conducive environment for the dying, filled with comforting practices and conversations tailored to their beliefs and attachments.

Throughout her talk, Robina imparts practical on navigating death with courage and grace, encouraging listeners to cultivate virtuous intentions and aspirations for a good rebirth.

Her teachings resonate deeply, inspiring individuals to confront mortality with and to live meaningfully in the face of impermanence.


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