Buddhist Digital Resource Center
Buddhist Digital Resource Center

BDRC Wins the 2023 Aming Tu Prize

The (DILA) has recently granted the 2023 to the for its exceptional creative effort in digital studies.

The Executive Director Dr. and the Chief Technology Officer will be presented with the award at the upcoming ceremony in Taipei in April.

Dr. Jann Ronis, the Executive Director of BDRC, expressed his gratitude for being awarded the esteemed Aming Tu Prize.

He thanked Ven. , Professor , and the nominators for their part in making this possible.

Furthermore, he added that BDRC has been inspired by and DILA’s accomplishments and resources, and is overjoyed to receive this recognition and honor.

The Buddhist Digital Archives (BUDA) was honored by the prize committee for its practical advantages to scholars and its technological advances.

BUDA provides a variety of research , such as a powerful search engine that can be used to query multiple repositories of in multiple languages, as well as open image sharing and image annotation using IIIF.

By utilizing linked open data, BUDA encourages data sharing and collaboration with other Buddhist digital projects, making it a vital hub in a collaborative network of Buddhist scholarship.


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