World Peace Prayer Session with International Sangha Members
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Beneath the Bodhi Tree with the International Sangha Forum

In Bodhgaya, Bihar, on 23 December 2023, delegates from the International Forum gathered this beneath the to offer prayers for world .

His Holiness the arrived from the , Ganden Phelgyeling, to join them.

Upon reaching the west side of the Mahabodhi , he exchanged greetings with Gongma Rinpoché and Jangtsé Chöjé Rinpoché, who were seated on his right.

He then acknowledged the crowd with a wave and greeted Ganden Tri Rinpoché, who was seated on his left.

Ven Mahayano Aun stated that during this event, prayers will be recited by representatives from 11 Sangha communities belonging to the Pali and traditions.

He emphasized that despite our different traditions, we are all followers of the same , and he hoped that our prayers would help foster peace and harmony among all living beings.


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