Bhante Sampasadana on dealing with the constant stimuli of the six senses
Buddhist Society of Western Australia

Bhante Sampasadana on dealing with the constant stimuli of the six senses

In this talk Sampasadana guides practitioners through a journey of self-discovery and .

Bhante Sampasadana emphasizes the cultivation of virtues like humility, contentment, and , urging listeners to extend to all beings.

He addresses the challenges posed by the constant stimuli of the six senses and advocates for and present moment awareness as .

Bhante Sampasadana encourages finding within oneself by prioritizing self-respect, , and self-reliance while releasing and external validations.

Throughout the discourse, he invites participants to envision spreading happiness and loving-kindness universally and celebrating the of others.

is presented as a transformative for attaining genuine happiness and inner tranquility.

The talk delves into practical strategies for navigating life’s complexities, including the practice of the five precepts in to stabilize the and foster engagement with the present moment.

Bhante Sampasadana addresses the pitfalls of seeking happiness externally, highlighting the importance of self-reflection and wisdom.

He explores the concept of boredom as a symptom of disconnection from the present moment, advocating for diversifying experiences to foster fulfillment.

Ultimately, Bhante Sampasadana encourages individuals to develop skills for managing frustrations and difficult situations, aligning head wisdom, , and mindfulness on the path to living a virtuous and fulfilling life.


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