Bridging Buddhist Values at Middle Way School in New York
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Bridging Buddhist Values at Middle Way School in New York

in the Hudson Valley, New York, aims to incorporate into its students’ education and emphasizes the importance of involving parents in this process.

Founded in 2017, MWS embraces and modern educational research to foster intelligence, confidence, and altruism in its students.

Recognizing that many parents come without formal exposure to , the school adopts an inclusive approach, inviting genuine curiosity and an open .

Weekly sessions, led by experienced practitioners, offer parents a chance to learn alongside their children, creating a shared experience that integrates meditation into their daily lives.

The Five Pathways framework, developed by , provides diverse opportunities for parent engagement, respecting individual preferences and learning styles.

From to movement practices, parents are encouraged to explore the at their own pace.

Central to MWS’s approach is the belief that Buddhism spreads through magnetization rather than conversion.

Question-and-answer sessions facilitate a deeper understanding of principles, fostering inquiry, tolerance, and among parents from various backgrounds.

The school emphasizes meditation as the heart of the path, guiding parents beyond abstract theory towards experiential practice.

By cultivating awareness and empathy, MWS aims to instill wisdom and in its students and their families, enriching lives beyond the classroom.

Ultimately, School strives to create a community where diverse perspectives are welcomed, and the exploration of interconnectedness and is celebrated.


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