Alex Kakuyo leads Karmic Healing in Antioch, California
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Duncan Ryūken Williams leads Karmic Healing in Antioch, California

In California’s Antioch, two hundred came together to address the town’s historical wounds, leading to a significant demonstration of and reconciliation.

Under the guidance of Rev. , a Soto priest, individuals from different backgrounds and regions came together to conduct ceremonies with the goal of cleansing the town of its negative energies, which were largely connected to its of , such as the mistreatment of Chinese immigrants in the 1800s.

Antioch, with a history marred by racial discrimination and violence, saw Buddhists walking, burning incense, and reciting in an effort to restore the town’s legacy and heal psychic wounds.

The pilgrimage, dubbed “May We Gather,” coincided with the anniversary of the Atlanta mass shooting, underlining the collective efforts to address racial trauma.

Duncan one of the organizers, emphasized the need for a Buddhist response rooted in and practices to honor ancestors and heal historical trauma.

The event saw participants reciting in various languages, symbolizing a global effort toward healing and reconciliation.

Local residents welcomed the event, viewing it as a significant step toward inclusivity and community healing.

Amid recent civil rights lawsuits, the Buddhist were seen as a beacon of hope for a more harmonious future, emphasizing the importance of and reconciliation for the entire community.


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