Historical evolution and spiritual essence of the Buddhist tradition
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Historical evolution and spiritual essence of the Buddhist tradition

In this discourse, Venerable leads us through the historical evolution and spiritual of the tradition.

He begins by exploring ’s rich , tracing its origins to the of the himself.

Over nearly 40 years, the Buddha imparted his to a diverse array of individuals.

René highlights the transmission of these teachings through oral tradition, emphasizing the remarkable memory and dedication of early disciples who preserved and passed down the Buddha’s words for centuries.

As Buddhism spread and evolved, René describes how it bifurcated into two lineages: the wisdom side, focused on profound views of reality, and the method side, centered on the practical path to .

He explains the journey of these teachings through and their eventual arrival in , where they took root and flourished independently in diverse regions.

René introduces key figures in , such as and , who synthesized and disseminated the teachings.

He elaborates on the development of the tradition, marked by foundational texts like “The on the Path” by Atisha.

Transitioning into deeper philosophical inquiries, René explores fundamental about , selfhood, and .

He elucidates the progressive stages of spiritual development, from cultivating and virtuous living to transcending the illusion of self through meditative inquiry.

René also talk about the altruistic dimension of the spiritual path, wherein practitioners aspire not only for personal liberation but also for the enlightenment and liberation of all sentient beings.

This caring intention, referred to as the , represents the ultimate embodiment of Buddhist wisdom and .

René Feusi’s discussion provides a thorough examination of historical , philosophical , and practical advice for those on a spiritual journey.

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