Five Obstacles to Meditation with Losang Dondrub
Thubten Norbu Ling - Santa Fe

Five Obstacles to Meditation with Losang Dondrub

In this talk Venerable delves into the intricacies of effective by addressing the five obstacles that practitioners commonly encounter.

Losang offers insights into these hindrances, paving the way for a deeper understanding of the meditative journey.

Laziness, identified as a lack of consistency in practice, is unveiled as a significant hurdle in the path of meditation.

Losang elucidates the importance of commitment and gradual progress in overcoming this obstacle.

Additionally, he sheds light on forgetting the object, emphasizing the need to tether the wandering to the intended focal point.

The discussion extends to excitation and dullness, contrasting mental states that demand distinct for resolution.

Losang advocates for the cultivation of introspective awareness to recognize and address these impediments effectively.

Furthermore, , , pride, and jealousy are explored as distractions that impede the clarity of the mind.

Losang offers practical , such as visualization and posture adjustment, to mitigate their influence.

Central to the discourse is the aspiration to transcend fundamental , which serves as the bedrock for negative mental states.

Losang underscores the significance of applying conventional antidotes to dispel ignorance and foster a serene and focused mind.

In , Losang Dondrub’s elucidation on the obstacles to effective meditation provides invaluable guidance for practitioners seeking to navigate the complexities of the meditative path with diligence and insight.


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