Identifying redeeming qualities in others softens the mind
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Identifying redeeming qualities in others softens the mind

In , the ultimate goal is achieving the deathless state of , emphasizing pacification of the .

While recognizing the challenge of immediate renunciation for all, the suggests a dual path—benefits in the present life and future lives, emphasizing moral integrity and simplicity.

Regarding , the Buddha advises diligence in acquiring and in safeguarding it.

Even amid disturbances caused by unskillful individuals, one should remain steadfast, emphasizing harmlessness and reflecting on establishing .

Buddhism seeks to remove anger, jealousy, and violence from the mind.

If struggling to curb anger, a second method involves recognizing redeeming qualities in every person, even those perceived as bad.

People may have a mix of virtues and flaws—evil with deceptive language, coarseness in speech but not in mind or deeds, or cruelty in deeds but not in speech or mind.

Identifying a redeeming softens the mind, fostering and enabling effective anger control or elimination.


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