Inner Peace through Forgiveness with Thubten Chodron
Sravasti Abbey - US

Inner Peace through Forgiveness with Thubten Chodron

In this talk Venerable delivers a discourse on the transformative power of forgiveness and apologies in fostering personal .

Throughout the talk, she articulates forgiveness as the liberating act of releasing perceived harm and , while emphasizing the importance of acknowledging and making amends for any actions that have caused harm.

Thubten Chodron underscores the significance of beginning the forgiveness journey with oneself, highlighting the pivotal role self-forgiveness plays in fostering inner and reconciliation with others.

She navigates the complexities of forgiveness in various contexts, from personal relationships to broader societal issues such as identity politics.

The discourse further delves into the detrimental effects of anger and resentment, emphasizing their corrosive impact on mental well-being.

By encouraging individuals to acknowledge their own contributions to conflicts and release grievances, Thubten Chodron offers a pathway to and emotional resilience.

Moreover, she eloquently elucidates the importance of cultivating a heart and a sense of purpose for sustained happiness.

Introducing the concept of Bodhichitta , she inspires practitioners to strive for and embody qualities such as , , and equanimity towards all beings.

Through her insightful reflections and practical guidance, Thubten Chodron illuminates the transformative potential of forgiveness, apologies, and altruism in nurturing personal fulfillment and inner harmony.


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