Jodo Shinshu the largest school of Buddhism in Japan
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Jodo Shinshu the largest school of Buddhism in Japan

Jōdo Shinshū, or Shin , is the largest school of , with a growing presence in the Western world.

Surprisingly, the largest ethnic group among Shin after the Japanese is the Han Chinese.

Historically, the first non-Japanese to embrace Shin Buddhism was likely a Chinese merchant who found solace in the of Rennyo Shonin after the loss of his daughter.

Today, Shin Buddhist communities of Chinese descent thrive in mainland , Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore, with individual adherents scattered across Southeast and the West.

This phenomenon sheds light on the dynamic exchange of Buddhist traditions between .

Despite Buddhism being often viewed as a transmission from China to , the embrace of Shin Buddhism by Chinese communities underscores its universal appeal and its ability to resonate with diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, illustrating its capacity to serve as a legitimate gate beyond its Japanese origins.


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