The role of jhānas in Theravada Buddhist meditation practices
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The role of jhānas in Theravada Buddhist meditation practices

In this dissertation delves into the role and significance of jhānas within the context of .

Drawing upon authoritative texts and employing a combination of canonical methods and modern analytical approaches, Henepola meticulously examines the dynamics of jhāna attainment and their function in the path to liberation.

Throughout the dissertation, Henepola elucidates the distinctions between mundane and supramundane jhānas, emphasizing their respective contributions to the practitioner’s journey towards .

He explores the philosophical underpinnings of jhāna attainment, dissecting its components and developmental stages.

Henepola also discusses the relationship between jhānas and rebirth, as well as their connection to the attainment of supramundane paths and fruits.

Furthermore, Henepola sheds light on the practical aspects of , highlighting the importance of alongside in the pursuit of liberation.

Through his analysis and scholarly insights, Henepola provides a comprehensive understanding of the role of jhānas in Theravada practices.

As a renowned meditation teacher and scholarHenepola’s significantly contributes to the of on meditation and .

His dissertation serves as a resource for practitioners and scholars alike, insights into the contemplative discipline of Theravada .


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