Integrating core Buddhist virtues into daily life
Thubten Norbu Ling - Santa Fe

Integrating core Buddhist virtues into daily life

In this talk covers the fundamental practices in such as generosity, , and control are underscored as essential for and .

Through his , Tashi Dhondup emphasizes the significance of reflecting on the , making , and seeking refuge in the Buddha, , and .

At the core of his discussion is the concept of breathing meditation, where one envisions exiting the during and welcomes positive attributes during inhalation.

This meditation aids in enhancing focus, reducing negativity, and unveiling the true nature of the mind.

Additionally, Tashi Dhondup stresses the importance of practicing and towards all beings, highlighting generosity as a means to teach Dharma and transform the mind.

Through his teachings, Tashi Dhondup inspires practitioners to integrate virtues into their daily lives, fostering compassion, , and altruism for the benefit of oneself and all sentient beings.


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