Lama Zopa on practicing Lamrim
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Lama Zopa on practicing Lamrim

’s at in April 2023 hold particular significance as they were his last organized and recorded teachings before he showed the aspect of passing away.

Zopa emphasized the practice of as the key to making life meaningful and fruitful, highlighting the importance of cultivating a to benefit sentient beings in all actions.

He stressed the need for humility, respect, , and service towards others, emphasizing the power of polite speech and .

Furthermore, Lama Zopa expounded on the profound practice of , stating that the is more precious than even .

He elucidated how every interaction with the guru, whether receiving teachings, advice, or even scolding, is an opportunity to connect with all the buddhas and one’s own deity.

Lama Zopa underscored the importance of recognizing the guru’s significance in every aspect of practice and life, as it leads to the quickest path to .


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