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Lhabab Duchen – The great occasion of divine descent

marks the celebration of the ’s return from the Realm of the Thirty-three after his mother the for three months.

This event was met with great and excitement by his many followers.

Lhabab Duchen is a phrase which translates to “the great occasion of divine descent” and it is one of the four most important holidays.

This special day is dedicated to honoring the life and teachings of the Buddha.

When a Wheel-turning Buddha — a fully awakened being who sets the Dharma in motion in a particular time — is on Earth it’s a time of incredible fortune.

How to practice on Lhabab Duchen?

As an act of gratitude, make to the Three Jewels on your . On Saturday , take the 8 precepts for 24 hours and abstain from negative and distracting activities from the Dharma. After that, practice the on the Buddha, either on your own or with guidance.


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