Mindful Farming and Zen - Transformative Practices at Plum Village
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Mindful Farming and Zen – Transformative Practices at Plum Village

In this podcast hosts , , and (Sister Forest of ) explore the profound impact of reconnecting with nature through mindful farming at Plum Village.

The conversation emphasizes how , especially from the , fosters a deeper connection with the and promotes holistic well-being.

Mick and Sister Lam Hy share insights from their with the Happy Farms project, highlighting agroecology’s role in the land and community.

The speakers reflect on the interconnectedness of humans and the world, underscoring the importance of understanding concepts like non-self and interbeing.

Together they discuss how mindful farming practices, such as being present and patient, can lead to personal growth and joy.

The episode also touches on the broader significance of growing one’s own food, promoting self-sufficiency, and appreciating the collective effort in community farming.

Throughout the podcast, the importance of land regeneration is highlighted, drawing parallels between the regeneration of ecosystems and personal transformation.

The discussion showcases how Plum Village’s approach to farming integrates Zen teachings with practical agroecological methods, leading to a harmonious relationship between humans and nature.

This synergy fosters not only environmental sustainability but also communal and individual well-being.


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