The 35 Confession Buddhas practice with Katy Cole
Thubten Norbu Ling - Santa Fe

The 35 Confession Buddhas practice with Katy Cole

In this presentation, Venerable leads followers into the practice of the popular in .

Katy uses her personal experiences and to explain the importance of the 35 practice, highlighting how it can cleanse the and help individuals advance spiritually.

During the session, Katy’s instruction is filled with and comprehension, as she provides adjustments and advice for those dealing with physical obstacles, guaranteeing inclusivity for everyone.

Her personal anecdotes, particularly regarding her own struggles with wrist and shoulder issues, resonate with viewers, underscoring the importance of correct practice to avoid injury.

Katy explains how like prostrations can help to cultivate devotion, cleanse the mind, and promote positive relationships.

She underscores the practice’s role in creating a calming energy and effecting positive change in one’s environment, even amidst the busyness of daily life.

Furthermore, Katy leads practitioners through the complex visual representations of the Thousand Buddhas and the 35 Confession Buddhas, explaining their symbolic importance and how they can help purify negative and imprints.

Through her teachings, Katy empowers practitioners to embrace the transformative potential of practice and embark on a path towards and .


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