The Mahayana Ethics of Cyberspace with Song Chong Lee
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The Mahayana Ethics of Cyberspace with Song Chong Lee

In 1995, Buddhistdoor Global was established in anticipation of the shift from print to online media. At the start of the 21st century, leaders and felt that should become a part of the Internet, using the message of to positively affect online interactions.

Since then, the Internet has experienced numerous developments, leading to the emergence of cyberspace as a new area for ethical and moral for Buddhists. Additionally, the use of AI chatbots such as NORBU for purposes is changing the way people view online and offline .

At the - in Hong Kong on 24 June, Dr. , an associate professor at Seoul National University’s Department of Religious Studies, gave a thought-provoking address titled “ Ethics for Cyberspace.”

The speech discussed how cyberspace is an ethical entity that creates amplified in terms of scope, scale, and impact.

Dr. Song believes that this new digital realm requires its own set of moral principles to guide people through the age of “digital dominion.”


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