Turning Obstacles into Opportunities with Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche
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Turning Obstacles into Opportunities with Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche

The , guided by the teacher , is set to host a transformative event featuring the revered and , , on May 19th.

With a focus on the theme “: Turning Obstacles into Opportunities,” Ponlop will impart profound aimed at illuminating the path to inner and resilience.

Mahamudra, a profound spiritual practice within Tibetan Buddhism, teaches practitioners to perceive obstacles not as barriers but as gateways to awakening.

Tergar’s announcement underscores the notion that solutions to life’s challenges lie within the challenges themselves, fostering a sense of profound and confidence in facing adversities.

The event promises a live teaching by Rinpoche, accompanied by a Q&A session, delving into the of Mahamudra as a means to discover innate freedom and navigate life’s hurdles with equanimity.

Tergar extends a warm invitation to all seekers longing for lasting solutions to life’s obstacles and a deeper connection with their inner selves.

“Mahamudra: Revealing Our True Nature” will be a multilingual affair, ensuring accessibility to a global audience.

Ponlop Rinpoche’s background as a senior tulku in the lineage and lineage holder underscores his authority as a Dharma teacher and meditation master.

His diverse talents as a poet, scholar, and author further enrich the depth of his teachings, promising a profound and enriching experience for participants.

In the words of Ponlop Rinpoche himself, the essence of our is inherently free, yet our own actions often confine it.

Through his guidance, participants will be encouraged to embrace this inherent freedom and liberate themselves from self-imposed limitations, fostering a journey of profound self-discovery and .


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