Venerable Sunyo on meditating with no expectations
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Venerable Bhikkhu Sunyo on meditating with no expectations

In this Venerable Sunyo of the Armadale Group conveys a profound message on approaching meditation with , , and a non-judgmental attitude.

Throughout the session, Bhikkhu Sunyo emphasizes the importance of practicing meditation with a pure heart and boundless kindness towards all beings.

He cautions against approaching meditation with expectations of specific outcomes, highlighting the potential hindrance it poses to the practice itself.

At the heart of the discussion is the concept of , which emphasizes that all experiences, whether positive or negative, are temporary.

Bhikkhu Sunyo urges practitioners to let go of and , embracing impermanence as a fundamental aspect of life.

By cultivating acceptance of the present moment and expressing gratitude towards oneself for engaging in meditation, practitioners can find and within.

Furthermore, Bhikkhu Sunyo discusses the impermanence of the itself, emphasizing the need to release expectations and desires during meditation.

He encourages equanimity towards physical sensations and mental states, guiding practitioners to focus on the breath as an anchor to the present moment.


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