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Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche to Lead View of Mahamudra Retreat

, a revered teacher and of the and lineages of , has established the . He has declared that he will be guiding an online retreat titled “’s Song of Realization: The View of Retreat” from 11th to 14th August.

“This retreat marks the beginning of Tergar’s 2023/24 transmission, “Mahamudra: A Song of Realization,” on Tilopa’s famous Mahamudra text, The Ganges Mahamudra,” ~ Tergar

Mingyur will be leading a four-day retreat to provide further instruction on the Mahamudra perspective, focusing on Tilopa’s foundational verses.

The event will include live , practice sessions, Q&A periods, and group . This is an extension of his introductory public teaching on Mahamudra, “Mahamudra: from the Indian Masters,” which was held on August 5th.

He will be guidance on the practice of The Mahamudra, delving deeper into the Mahamudra view.


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