The 1000-day pilgrimage around Mount Hiei

The Kaihōgyō is a 1000-day pilgrimage around , which takes seven years to complete on foot.

It is a performed by , or gyoja, in the Tendai sect. The journey is equivalent to a trip around the globe and is traditionally seen as a way for to offer prayers to the and for the well-being of others.

Only 46 have survived the ritual since it began in 1885, and those who are unable to complete it are expected to take their own lives.

The Kaihōgyō is typically performed at night, after duties are finished for the day, because the needs to be in a state of acceptance in order to cooperate with the demands of the ritual.

The actual 1000 days are never reached, as the physical training is stopped just before that point, and the remainder of the days is spent trying to fulfill the unfinished task.

The purpose of the Kaihōgyō is not just the physical effort, but rather to offer prayers and seek .

It is similar to an athlete setting a record and continually striving to improve upon it, but instead of a score, the goal is to find inner light and enlightenment.

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