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    Nice :heart:
    it’s so nice..
    yes the whole world becomes richer as we practice dana paramitam.

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    About winning confidence, it’s written, a Bodhisattva should win over all beings.

    This is the whole of it. . .

    If we cause others to lose faith in us, this is a most egregious error..

    As self-reliance is among the greatest wisdom, we should help give others faith in themselves; and let them understand to follow their heart… as self-trust is the most basic building block of all faith and trust.

    in reply to: Spiritual Friendship #9584

    Shantideva writes about the same, and says,

    and says, ‘Never, even at the cost of my life, should I renounce such a friend.’

    (a spiritual friend who knows wisdom)

    in the Siksha Samuccaya, it’s written — (on avoiding disputes)

    We should be ready to walk 100 leagues (measurement like miles) to avoid disputes…

    We should not say, ‘This was well said, while this wasn’t’

    And he says this goes even for Bodhisattvas who have merely had the most=beginning thought, of wishing enlightenment.

    in reply to: Perfect Wonder and Beauty #9580

    Perfect wonder and beauty

    Are the way to see reality —

    The best way of seeing clearly

    The way a child can see;

    Beautiful reality.

    Perfect peace,

    and beauty.

    in reply to: Perfect Wonder and Beauty #9579

    Sunshine, air, clear space, beauty, trees. . .

    Beautiful nature is all of these,

    It is the source of these.

    So we describe beautiful reality —

    We call this Shambala, heaven, Prajna paramita,

    By any names, reality or source;

    Beautiful heaven,

    We call and search for this —

    We create this with our words and hopes.

    We search for this and create this,

    In our perfect moments of peace,

    In our beautiful times of joy

    We always aspire for this.

    Harmony, peace and bliss.

    Perfect happiness.

    in reply to: Perfect Wonder and Beauty #9578

    Not in any one place only, but in all places;

    Not in any one person or being only,

    But in all beings;

    So this is what we can try to see.

    What can we describe it as?

    We may call it all words,

    Or any words, or description,

    But it’s that which is in all of these things.

    in reply to: Vision and Creation #9576

    Peace and perfection are everywhere —

    Even in a place where there is war —

    Peace is within that place,

    As it is within everything,

    And the potential is there.

    in reply to: Vision and Creation #9575

    To create peace we should go to places that are not peaceful;

    And bring peace.

    If we understand this; we know the opposite is also true —

    To teach that one should avoid places that are not peaceful,

    It’s not as good as knowing we are protected always;

    And that even in apparent places where there is not peace,

    We are protected and peaceful — and in this way,

    By going to such places we can bring peace.

    in reply to: Vision and Creation #9574

    Peaceful places are beautiful and wonderful;

    To create peace we should seek any places that are not peaceful,

    And bring peace to them.

    in reply to: Seeing Clearly. #9572


    To come back to the topic,

    For us as humans,

    we have this unique existence. . . .

    For as perfect as a bird may sit on a pole, we have some special attributes as human….

    To learn from all beings is wonderful;

    To see them in true aspect.

    in reply to: Seeing Clearly. #9571

    As a practical aspect, we may see that all of nature has wisdom;

    Every being of nature expressing wisdom,

    All of nature, all of existence expresses wisdom.

    All of wisdom expresses the true nature of being.

    From the practical view, we may see that all have wisdom;

    All of nature is in harmony,

    Each expresses Buddha-nature, and harmony and beauty.

    From the viewpoint of learning, we can see that all beings express true nature;

    And from the practical point of view — we can learn from all beings —

    Peace is within all of existence; and in nature, we can see all of them having wisdom — peaceful and perfect.

    Every tree expresses perfect stillness,

    Every natural being has stillness,

    All beings have this; — we can look and see. . . . Birds have peace and stillness,

    All beings have these.

    in reply to: Seeing Clearly. #9570

    Meditation helps to see clearly because it is the most rejuvenating state; —

    This is why it is so intimately connected with wisdom;

    Wisdom is indeed meditation;

    As an ancient scripture says.

    Meditation is also wonderful practice of the 6 perfections:

    Energy, (Effort), Wisdom, Generosity, Discipline, Concentration and Patience.

    To attain awakening requires effort — All of life requires effort, and to reach perfected state requires ideal effort —

    (The right kind, the right time, and place.)

    in reply to: Seeing Clearly. #9569

    TO meditate is most wonderful; this is indeed the most beautiful skill.

    Meditation is expression of what is inexpressible; and while meditating, one certainly has the highest praise.

    Meditation and stillness are expression of our nature —

    For the practical aspect, Meditation is so wonderful. . . . We are expressing our nature . . .

    Meditation is the as well, the most rejuvenating state.

    in reply to: The Four Samadhis (2) #9546

    These are:

    1. infinite consciousness,
    2. infinite space,
    3. nothingness,
    4. no thought or non-thought;

    They are helpful in combination with the 3 gates to Nirvana; i.e. Non-activity, Voidness, and Formlessness.

    As the absorptions occur, one experiences bliss, by stillness — when one moves, they abate.

    By remaining still, they occur more deeply; until non-duality and boundlessness.

    All are passed before the moment of non-daulity, which is the first drop of enlightenment.

    So — stillness as a gate to enlightenment is like this.

    in reply to: Absorptions #9506

    But these are words…. the states are themselves.

    Similar to these are stillness; voidness, and so on. Bodhisattvas have these..

    To go back to the first post — everyone can learn this… It’s the most worthy thing to talk about.

    Infinite peace.. love peace and light.

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