Ajahn Cittapalo on what are feelings?
Buddhist Society of Western Australia

Ajahn Cittapalo on what are feelings?

In this talk Ajahn Cittapalo delves into the qualities of individuals and the nature of .

Enlightened beings are depicted as embodiments of goodness, , contentment, and towards all beings.

Ajahn explores the three types of feelings: pleasant, unpleasant, and neutral.

Neutral feelings, often unnoticed, can be influenced by biases and observations, potentially leading to pleasant experiences through genuine interest and .

Throughout the discourse, the importance of present-moment awareness and contentment during is highlighted.

Ajahn underscores the transformative power of cultivating kindness and interest towards one’s feelings, advocating for a non-judgmental observation of sensations.

He emphasizes the significance of being present and content, encouraging gratitude for the simple aspects of existence.

The session concludes with an invitation for or further discussion, fostering an interactive and participatory learning environment.

Ajahn Cittapalo’s reflect a holistic approach to meditation, intertwining with compassion and acceptance.


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