Cultivating Stillness with Venerable Canda Theri Bhikkhuni
Buddhist Society of Western Australia

Cultivating Stillness with Venerable Canda Theri Bhikkhuni

In this presentation, Venerable discusses the connection between and , with a specific emphasis on how happiness can facilitate the attainment of deeper levels of calmness.

In her discussion, Canda Theri highlights the significance of releasing , whether they are material or emotional ties, in order to nurture a sense of inner tranquility and satisfaction.

The conversation explores various meditation methods, highlighting the benefits of loving- meditation in improving and deepening one’s meditative practice.

Canda Theri shares personal anecdotes and insights into the meditative journey, practical guidance on overcoming distractions and finding stillness.

By encouraging practitioners to practice kindness towards themselves and others, Canda Theri advocates for a holistic approach to meditation that integrates and .

Overall, the talk serves as a reminder of the intrinsic connection between happiness, stillness, and meditation, offering valuable insights for individuals seeking to cultivate a deeper sense of tranquility and genuine happiness in their lives.


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