Thubten Zopa Rinpoche
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Dharma is the Best Psychology with Thubten Zopa

suggests that when we incorporate the of into our everyday lives, we are safeguarded from the overwhelming force of negative and emotions. This concept was expressed in Lecture One of Kopan Course 39, which took place at , during November-December 2006.

Throughout the course of a single day, we experience a wide range of emotions; from to sorrow, depending on how people treat us and whether or not they show us respect. This all stems from our need for .

As a result, our lives are filled with issues that we create in our own ; no one else is responsible for them, just our own thoughts.

We don’t have to suffer from attachment or create issues, but due to our lack of and practice of and Dharma, we do.

If we were to live in accordance with the Dharma and practice meditation, we would be free from these painful emotions.

Unfortunately, without this understanding, we are often left feeling unhappy, angry, jealous, and other .

We may be trying to provide psychological guidance to others, but if we are not taking care of ourselves and protecting ourselves, we are not showing ourselves .

Living in accordance with the Dharma, meditating regularly, and utilizing the best psychological practices can help us to remain secure, stable, and contented.

We are able to protect ourselves from the destructive waves of attachment, , and other delusions, as well as any violent thoughts.

This way, we can avoid depression and maintain a sense of and joy in our lives.


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