Discovering the Path of Right Effort with Douglass Smith
Doug's Dharma

Discovering the Path of Right Effort with Douglass Smith

In this talk delves into the significance of in practice, particularly focusing on the concept of “restraint.”

Doug elucidates that restraint involves generating enthusiasm, exerting effort, and employing to prevent unskillful qualities from arising.

He advocates for a balanced approach, neither too intense nor too lax, using personal anecdotes to illustrate the negative consequences of excessive and the benefits of moderation.

A key aspect of restraint discussed is guarding the sense doors, where individuals are urged to be mindful of the information they consume to avoid falling prey to attachment or aversion.

Doug suggests turning like into and cultivating contentment with the present moment.

Additionally, he highlights the transformative power of in restraining the and senses, fostering and understanding of reality.

This insightful discourse offers practical guidance for integrating restraint into daily life, promoting personal growth and emotional well-being.


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