Shelly Chigier's Journey in Ecodharma Philanthropy
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Shelly Chigier’s Journey in Ecodharma Philanthropy

, a philanthropist and dedicated meditator with a PhD in experimental , embodies Kurt Lewin’s principle:

“No research without action; no action without research.”

Passionate about merging insights from her practice with cutting-edge research, Shelly, along with her husband Ben, established the .

Through this foundation, Shelly supports evidence-based and meditation programs, particularly focusing on ecodharma and climate change.

Shelly’s journey into meditation began in the early 2000s, inspired by her to understand and improve her .

She attended meditation retreats led by renowned teachers like and , which profoundly impacted her perspective.

These experiences motivated her to integrate mindfulness and meditation into philanthropy, leading to the foundation’s inception.

With a keen interest in addressing climate change, Shelly delved into ecodharma, seeking ways to contribute beyond financial support.

She initiated collaborative projects, bringing together mindfulness practitioners and educators to explore how mindfulness practices can address ecological crises.

This endeavor culminated in the creation of resources like the -Based Mindfulness and Meditation flipbook, aiming to empower individuals to navigate climate-related anxieties skillfully.

Looking ahead, Shelly is committed to supporting ecodharma retreats and providing resources for mindfulness and meditation teachers to address climate concerns.

As an Society (IMS) , Shelly values the organization’s role in fostering inner growth and connection, essential for addressing the world’s challenges collectively.


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