Sino-Tibetan Esotericism - The Visvavajra Presence at Dunhuang
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Sino-Tibetan Esotericism – The Visvavajra Presence at Dunhuang

The , nestled within , serve as a testament to the rich of cultural encounters between Chinese, , and Sogdian civilizations.

Among the myriad discoveries within this historic site, the presence of the motif on caisson ceilings offers a tantalizing glimpse into the world of Sino-Tibetan esotericism.

Dr. , a postdoctoral fellow at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, sheds light on the significance of this .

Drawing from her interdisciplinary expertise, she elucidates how the Visvavajra represents the , a central feature of esoteric .

These intricate depictions, found in caves built during the Tibetan occupation of Dunhuang, signify a fusion of Chinese esoteric and Tibetan influence.

Furthermore, Shella’s research delves into the symbiotic relationship between Chinese and Tibetan traditions. She emphasizes the interconnectedness of and , challenging conventional distinctions.

Through her exploration of textual and visual evidence, Shella underscores the unity inherent in Sino- practices.

Beyond academic discourse, Shella advocates for a deeper appreciation of Chinese tantra, urging scholars and practitioners alike to transcend artificial divides.


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