The pivotal role of equanimity as the bedrock for nurturing compassion
Thubten Norbu Ling - Santa Fe

The pivotal role of equanimity as the bedrock for nurturing compassion

In this talk Venerable underscores the pivotal role of as the bedrock for nurturing and .

Our love and compassion are often reserved for our friends, while we harbor aversion towards our enemies, and remain indifferent to strangers. However, our goal on the compassion path is to fundamentally shift this mindset. We must recognize this as the foundation upon which we can extend love and compassion to all sentient beings.

Robina stresses the importance of recognizing that all beings, regardless of their behavior, inherently seek and wish to avoid .

She encourages practitioners to develop a rational comprehension of this idea in order to move beyond of and aversion.

During the conversation, she explores the complexities of equanimity and promotes a change in viewpoint that recognizes the equal worth of all beings as they seek happiness.

By adopting this outlook, people can nurture authentic love and compassion that are not influenced by personal prejudices or assumptions.

Robina encourages practitioners to integrate the practice of equanimity into their daily lives, fostering a steadfast commitment to extending goodwill and to all sentient beings.

She underscores that equanimity is not merely an emotional state but a profound logical understanding that the foundation of authentic .

By demonstrating equanimity, she motivates individuals to face life’s difficulties with kindness, staying committed to the journey of without faltering.


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